Breakfast Club/Tea-Time Club

We aim to provide the same high standards of care and education for your child as we do during the sessions, and of course have lots of fun!  We hope the continuity of care will make your child feel safe and secure within our environment and help them to thrive.


Important Information

  • Breakfast Club will be begin at 7.30am. Please use the main gates to reach the Skips building at all times.
  • The staff will take the children to Nursery or pick them up if required.
  • Please use the Skips mobile number to contact us as the school number will not be in use at these times.  This is 07704 525312.
  • Please ensure you collect your child by 6.00pm. If you are going to be late please ring the setting mobile.
  • You will be invoiced for the clubs on your termly invoice.
  • Please ensure you use the car park safely and shut the main school gates.


The children will have access to all of the activities we currently provide. We will continue to work under the EYFS curriculum and provide activities that will stimulate the children's creativity and independence. At Tea-Time Club there will also be opportunities for outside play within our garden and lots of cooking and craft activities.



Our aim is to provide the children with healthy meals as we believe in the importance of helping children to make healthy choices from a young age. We have taken guidance on nutrition from the Children's Food Trust and this will shape the menus we create. We will plan our meals around children's food requirements. We want to get the children involved as much as possible with the preparation for their meals and have a go at lots of cooking activities.

At Breakfast Club we will have a selection of cereals, wholemeal toast, yogurts and fruit available every day.

If your child has any food requirements please inform us as soon as possible.


Key People and Staffing

The clubs will be staffed by at least two members of staff at all times. Camilla will be supervisor of the clubs and other current members of staff will be working at the clubs to ensure continuity of care. Your key person will remain the same and the staff at the clubs will ensure any information is passed on to the key person. We will operate a buddy system so the children will have a key buddy at the clubs.  You will be informed of this.



If you require a one-off booking then please speak to Camilla or Jodie.  We always try to be flexible and help with care if possible. If you make a one-off booking you will either be invoiced in the next term, or you can pay on the day in cash or cheque.

If someone unknown to us is collecting they will need a password.