We normally accept children to start SKIPS in September and January of each school year. We accept children from the age of two years old and our waiting list is arranged by date of birth. For more details you can download our admissions policy.

If you would like your child to go on the waiting list to start at SKIPS or wish to enquire whether there are any places currently available, please contact us.

Please note that admission to SKIPS does not enter you on to the register for admission to West Kidlington Primary School or Nursery, as we are separate organisations.

If you are interested in the school or nursery, please contact West Kidlington Primary School directly.

Easy Fundraising

SKIPS Preschool have set up an account with Easy Fundraising to help us raise money.  Click on the logo to go to their website and support us. Amazon, M&S, Ebay, Tesco Direct are just a few of the companies, so next time you want to order something online, go to Easy Fundraising first to help us.



Uniform now available…

There is now a t-shirt, long sleeved top and a sweatshirt with the SKIPS and West Kidlington Nursery name on the chest.


If you would like to order any items then please go to www.mapac.com and you can find it in the West Kidlington School section. This link will take you straight to the section needed.

This Term's Focus

This term at SKIPS our theme will be Getting to Know Me.


6th -21st  September – All About Me

We will be welcoming the children back to SKIPS and helping them to settle back into their daily routines. We will be welcoming lots of new children to SKIPS and talking about the things they like to do with both them and their parents.


24th – 28th September - Look at Me!

We will observing the children lots and getting to understand their abilities. We will also be making faces and looking at what our faces can do!

1st - 5th October -My Body

We will have a Doctor’s themed role-play area and be talking about the different parts of our bodies. We will also be taking part in lots of physical games to see how our bodies can move and talking about our senses.

8th – 12th October -My Family

We will be talking about who’s in our families and the things we do with them. If you have any photos of your family we would love to see them to help the children explain their family.

15th – 19th  October -My Home

We will have a Builder’s role-play area and be looking at building towers and houses. We will talk about our homes and who lives with us.